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     Union Healthcare Puts Our

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Why Union Healthcare Matters.

Health insurance isn’t really healthcare when deductibles are unaffordable. That’s why your union family is united in protecting the union healthcare your family depends on.


What Makes Your Union Healthcare Different?

You may have noticed that your union healthcare is different than the over-priced health insurance options you may have had at other jobs. That’s because your union healthcare plan was designed to put your family’s needs, and your family’s budget first, unlike for-profit corporate plans.

Working Together to Put People Before Profits.

Your union and your employer work together to run a non-profit Health and Welfare Fund that puts your family first. This allows union healthcare to offer:

  • Lower co-pays
  • Low or no deductibles
  • Affordable family premiums

Healthcare That Listens to Your Needs.

When members of our UFCW family say that healthcare is one of the most important benefits, we listen. We know that this benefit is more than just an insurance plan; it’s about security for your family, quality of life, and being valued for your hard work. We listen to your needs, and fight to get the best possible benefits for your family.

Why Union Health Care Matters to Members

  • Matt Dixon

    Our union is looking out for us and negotiating healthcare that puts our family first. I’ve been on the contract negotiating team, where we fight for healthcare coverage that protects our families.

    – Matt Dixon, UFCW Local 536

  • Jose Guardo

    It’s such a good feeling to know that my kids are covered if they get sick. My union healthcare is an investment in my family because it was negotiated to benefit us.

    – Jose Guarado, UFCW Local 770

  • Melody Gramley

    The union insurance is what has kept me with Fred Meyer for 21 years. I talk to my non-union coworkers, and it bogles my mind when I hear how much they pay for healthcare that doesn’t even have the coverage that we get with the union.

    – Melody Gramley, UFCW Local 555

  • Mike Watts

    My union healthcare benefits take care of my daughter and my special needs son. Their mom works for Kroger as well, but she’s covered under the plan for managers. We ran the numbers, and my union insurance plan was a better value for our family. The low copays and premiums mean that I can provide a better life for my kids.

    – Mike Watts, UFCW Local 227

  • Jared Palmer

    My son was born with a cleft palate, and my union healthcare has seen him through seven surgeries. I work hard every day because that health insurance means a better life for my son. It’s my everything because he’s my everything.

    – Jared Palmer, UFCW Local 1996

  • Mary Mudd

    As a single mother, I need healthcare deductibles that I can afford.  My friends have high deductibles of $2,500 or more, and it’s very sad because their family’s health suffers when they can’t afford to go to the doctor. But my union works hard to keep our deductibles low so that my kids can always go to the doctor when they need to.

    – Mary Mudd, UFCW Local 227

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