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    No Rights at Work

By undermining the freedom of workers to collectively bargain for better wages and benefits, “right to work” leaves workers and their families worse off.

Let’s stick together and stop this anti-worker law.

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Less Wages

  • The average worker in states with “right to work” laws makes $1,540 a year less when all other factors are removed than workers in other states (Economic Policy Institute).
  • Median Household income in states with “right to work” laws is $6,437 less than in other states ($46,402 vs. $52,839). (U.S. Census Bureau).

Less Health Care Coverage

  • People in states with “right to work” laws are more likely to be uninsured (16.8% vs. 13.1% overall). (Kaiser Family Foundation).
  • Only 50.7 percent of employers in states with these laws offer insurance coverage to their employees, compared with 55.2% in other states. (Kaiser Family Foundation).

Less Safe