October 13, 2005


One year ago today, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union unveiled a massive display on in the heart of Washington DC to mark the sacrifices by the sons and daughters of working America serving at the call of their government in Iraq.

On that day, 7,480 U.S. soldiers had been wounded and 1,076 killed.  Today, the number of those wounded stands at 14,641 while the number of those killed is 2,161.

The UFCW will never forget the sacrifice of our service men and women, their courage and commitment, and the grief of their families.

For the families of those who have fallen, we mourn your loss. For those who have been crippled and maimed in the service of their country, we honor your heroism and support you in your struggle.

We will continue to update the display at the corner of our building on K St. NW and 18th St. NW in Washington DC as a reminder to the corporate lobbyists and foreign policy think tanks that dominate the canyons of K St. NW, as well as the leaders around the corner at the White House and up the hill in Congress, that the policies they advocate and the decisions they make have a flesh and blood impact on our sons and daughters.

In Washington, the war in Iraq may be a matter of policy and politics. In working America, the war in Iraq is a matter of life and death, human sacrifice and suffering.

The UFCW will never forget. We want to make sure that those in power never forget either.