June 15, 2007


Washington, DC—Grocery workers represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local Union 455 gave notice to the Kroger Company today that they will no longer extend their contract with the company.

In Houston, where 12,700 workers are involved in negotiations with Kroger, UFCW members already voted to authorize a strike against the supermarket company last month. Houstonworkers have been joined in solidarity by their brothers and sisters in UFCW Dallas Local 540, who also voted to authorize a strike against the Kroger Company.

UFCW Local 540 is not operating under any contract extension, and Local 408 in Houstonhas already terminated their contract extension with Kroger.

UFCW members working in the grocery industry across the country are involved in negotiations with successful employers like Kroger.   They are unified in a nationwide movement to improve jobs in the industry for workers, families, and communities.

For more on UFCW negotiations across the country, please visit the Grocery Workers United website at www.groceryworkersunited.org.