October 27, 2011

Statement from Joe Hansen, UFCW International President on Department of Justice Indictment of UFCW Local 348 Leadership

(Washington, D.C.) — Following is a statement from Joe Hansen, United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) International President on the Department of Justice’s indictment of UFCW Local 348 leadership:

“”This morning, the UFCW International Union sent staff persons to the offices of UFCW Local 348 to ensure that UFCW members are protected and represented.

“”These are very serious charges and the UFCW International Union will cooperate fully with the Department of Justice in whatever way is necessary.

“”The UFCW International Union has its own internal review and investigation procedures for local union operations and representation matters.  Those procedures had not been activated by any membership complaints or other actions that would have signaled a cause for concern.

“”UFCW Local 348 members can be assured that the International Union takes their representation seriously and is taking action immediately to see that they have the full support of the International Union.””