September 20, 2012

Mr. Picketman is at it Again!

Exciting news! As promised, Phil Meza, a.k.a. Mr. Picketman, has just released his new song for Obama 2012!

Some may not be familiar with Mr. Picketman, but as a member of Local 1428, his contributions to the fight for working families are an inspiration, not only because of the time and effort he puts forth to the cause, but his musical talents as well.  Meza has created several hip-hop songs dedicated to various causes in the labor movement, including the 2008 Obama campaign,  and this year’s Wisconsin recall effort of Governor Scott Walker.  Additionally, he has worked with OUR Walmart to create songs that highlight Walmart’s anti-worker agenda.

And now, Meza adds to his list of labor-inspired works with “Obama 2012”.  Just as catchy as his previous beats, the song is a strong call to all of our brothers and sister to vote in this election for President Obama.

“The choice is evident, it’s time to re-elect the president,” Meza raps on the song.  His message may be simple, but it could not be more important: President Obama is the candidate we need in the white house next year, because he will “stand with the working class”.

Check out the Mr. Picketman’s song here!