October 23, 2012

A Commander in Chief Versus a Panderer in Chief: UFCW Members Weigh In

At last night’s third and final presidential debate, Mitt Romney once again demonstrated that he is willing to say anything to get elected, and his shifting positions on domestic and foreign policy and willingness to lie and pander have raised questions about what he stands for and how he will govern.

Our country can’t afford to go back to the Bush/Cheney policies that proved disastrous here at home and abroad.  President Obama is the only candidate with the vision and experience to lead our country in the right direction—forward.

Here’s what UFCW members had to say following the debate:

“i think obama won this debate….he has more foreign policy knowledge than romney….i am so glad the debates are done…the people will show their choice on november 6th. obama 2012…moving forward!”


“obama is strong! vote democrat if u care about 100% of our citizens”


“gov. romney uses a thousand words to say absolutely nothing.”


“mr obama has my respect”


“4 more years obama has my vote”