February 22, 2013

UFCW Kicks Off Campaign for National Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The UFCW recently kicked off its public campaign for  comprehensive immigration reform. Civil Rights and Community Action Department Director Esther Lopez says she expects a bill to be introduced in March or April, followed by hearings in May or June, and a vote in August.

In addition, over 80 UFCW leaders have signed a letter to President Obama in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

“The time to create a principled, legal immigration system that treats all immigrants with respect and dignity is right now,” the letter read.

Immigration reform rallies are being planned across the country. If you live near any of these major cities, be sure to support the cause! And if you don’t, gather a group of coworkers and friends and let political leaders in your area know that the time for immigration reform is now.

The scheduled rallies are as follows:

l  February 25: San Francisco
l February 28: Houston
l  March 6, 12, or 13: Minneapolis/St. Paul
l  March 7: Chicago
l  March 11: Phoenix
l  TBD: New York City