April 11, 2013

Missouri Workers Speak Out Against Attacks

We Are Missouri, a diverse coalition of workers, students, seniors and their families, today launched a new online story collection project at WorkingVoices.Tumblr.com to showcase personal messages of Missouri workers speaking directly to their elected representatives about anti-worker attacks moving in Jefferson City.

The Tumblr site features workers from across the state, including teachers, electricians, municipal workers, grocery store employees, faith leaders and community leaders standing together against so-called ‘right to work’ bills, paycheck deception legislation, and efforts to undermine prevailing wage standards.

Paycheck deception, attacks on prevailing wage standards, and so-called “right to work” proposals are part of an organized national plan to eliminate the voice of middle class workers. But all over Missouri, working people are coming together to voice their frustration with politicians who do nothing to create jobs, strengthen our economy or improve our schools.

Tumblr: Missouri’s Working Voices

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