October 31, 2013

Factor Sales Grocery Workers Say “Yes” to a Union Voice with UFCW Local 99

Last week, 360 Factor Sales grocery workers in Yuma, Ariz., joined UFCW Local 99 through a card check process that allowed them to have a free and fair choice. Workers at nine grocery stores stayed united throughout the campaign by communicating with each other through Facebook, text messages, and worker meetings.

Workers said they wanted a union voice so they would have dignity and respect on the job, a way to solve problems at work, and improvements in pay and benefits.

Factor Sales 2IMG_3685

Factor Sales grocery workers said “yes” to a voice on the job with Local 99.

“Finally we have a voice, respect and dignity at work,” said Lupita Iniguez, a Factor Sales worker.

Workers have been fighting for better jobs and to be a part of a union since 2004. The successful card check follows the workers’ two previous attempts to join a union. In the two other card checks, the company was charged with unfair election practices by the NLRB.

“Congratulations to the many workers whose lives were changed today. Their hard work and dedication paid off,” said UFCW Local 99 President Jim McLaughlin.

Factor Sales operates Del Sol and King Market grocery stores.