November 21, 2013

Dear Congress, Do Your Job

Esther Lopez delivering turkey and merlot to Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy’s office.

Esther Lopez delivering turkey and merlot to Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy’s office.

This morning, immigrant farmworkers, labor leaders, and immigration advocates went to the U.S. Capitol so that members of the House could see firsthand how hard immigrants in this country work.

Advocates delivered turkey and merlot processed by immigrant workers along with fact sheets to Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, Congressman Steve King, and other key House Republicans.

The purpose of the event was to remind House leaders who’s working hard for America while they take more days off.

This year Congress has taken 198 days off. They will only work 8 more days in 2013. Yet House Republican leaders claim they do not have enough time to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

They owe it to the American people to do their job.

Esther Lopez outside Speaker Boehner’s locked door.

Esther Lopez outside Speaker Boehner’s locked door.

Members of Congress should be working as hard as the rest of us. Each day that comprehensive immigration reform is delayed is another day where millions of immigrant workers have to suffer through stolen wages, unsafe working conditions, and unjust threats of deportation.

The immigration system in America is broken. The time to fix it is now.

Speaker Boehner isn’t just ignoring comprehensive immigration reform. He’s ignoring people who try to visit his office.

UFCW International Vice President Esther Lopez, Director of the Civil Rights and Community Action Department, attempted to deliver a UFCW-made turkey to the Speaker, but his staff locked the door. In response, Lopez said, “We are not asking Congress to move the sun or the moon. We are just asking them to do their jobs.”

“At the UFCW, our members work hard – often in difficult conditions – to provide excellent products to customers and communities,” Lopez added. “UFCW members are doing their jobs. It is time for Congress to do the same and give us a vote on comprehensive immigration reform.”