January 22, 2014

What’s the State of Your Union?

US Capitol tourism destinationsPresident Obama will be making his fifth State of the Union address this Tuesday, January 8th.

The past few years have shown progress, but too many Americans have yet to see the economic recovery that they deserve.

Working class families are being attacked from all sides. Increasing levels of income inequality are threatening their economic mobility. No rights at work laws are weakening the basic right of workers to stick together. Cuts to jobless benefits and food stamp programs are forcing people who were already struggling to somehow live on even less.

President Obama is expected to touch on these issues and more in his State of the Union address – as he should.

There is a growing realization in America that the income gap has grown to unacceptable proportions. This did not happen overnight. For decades, groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) have carried water for large corporations and special interests by promoting and passing bills that oppose minimum wage standards and anti-poverty programs.

Working people across the country are tired of being denied their fair share and they’re fighting back. Legislation and referendums seeking to raise the minimum wage have been promoted and passed in multiple states.

There is also hope within both sides of the U.S. Congress that the Harkin-Miller bill, a piece of federal legislation which would raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour and index it to inflation, will be considered in the coming year.

Along with policies to help reverse the rising tide of economic disparity, President Obama is expected to renew the push for common sense immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. A majority of Americans continue to agree that the time is now for comprehensive immigration reform – may 2014 be the year both chambers listen.

What would you like to see discussed in the State of the Union Address? What issues are affecting the state of your union?

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