February 12, 2014

Lanette Edwards of Local 1625 Teaches Boy Scouts About the Labor Movement

Lanette Edwards, of UFCW Local 1625 in Lakeland, Fla., is teaching the Boy Scouts what the labor movement is all about.  Last year, Lanette held a class with over 30 Boy Scouts, where she talked about American Labor merit badge.  The American Labor merit badge was introduced in 1986 to the Boy Scouts of America; however, over the past several years, this merit badge has been earned less frequently by scouts.  Lanette has made every effort to help the Boy Scouts in her community learn about the American labor movement and revitalize this merit badge within Local 1625 and her local Boy Scout Council.

The American Labor merit badge

american_labor_merit badge coverLanette taught the Boy Scouts about the history of the labor movement, as well as the organizational structure of the UFCW and AFL-CIO and opportunities in the field of labor relations. The National Boy Scouts of America Community Services Committee, in recognition of Lanette’s significant contribution to the Boy Scouts of America, was awarded the AFL-CIO’s Wood Badge scholarship which will assist selected union members in acquiring skills that will better equip them to serve the youths in their communities.

Lanette was awarded the George Meany Award by the Boy Scouts of America and West Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, for her work in teaching youths about the American labor movement.