August 6, 2019

Make Your Voice Heard for Equal Pay This Month

Equal pay for hard-working women across the country is long overdue and this month, members can make their voices heard to support Black Women’s Equal Pay Day on Thursday, August 22. This is the day when black women’s pay finally catches up to what white men were paid last year.

While 80 percent of black mothers are the primary breadwinners of their households, black women are still paid only 63 cents for every $1 paid to white men. These hard-working women are also more likely to work for employers that provide little job security, few benefits, and limited opportunity for advancement. With restricted access to unions in the states with the highest number of black workers, these women face unique barriers to the economic security and overall well-being other workers take for granted.

Please get involved and make your voice heard on Twitter on August 22 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time, using the hashtag #BlackWomensEqualPay. You can get additional information about Black Women’s Equal Pay Day here.